Brown Cinema Sofas

Reward yourself with your pick from our brown cinema sofas collection. Whether you love faux leather or fabric, we’ve got them all. Easy to care for, elegant lines and at a budget to suit your pocket.

As one of the UK’s leading recliner sofa shops, The Recliner Shop design and make their own sofas to meet your preferences. We consider all the feedback you give us and continue to improve our designs and styles to provide you with all the things you love about our products and more.

It’s time to indulge yourself with one of our 3 seaters, 2 seaters or even one of our 1 seater reclining chairs. Buy one of our brown cinema sofas, and you’ll find something to match on our site.

Remember that you can’t find these styles anywhere else. Our craftsmen build these to last. You’ll find that each one has a solid wood frame covered in high-quality fabric or faux leather. We know you have a busy lifestyle, so these are made to be easy to care for.

However, that’s not all. Read on to discover about our interest-free payment packages, free returns and 12-month warranty. The benefits of buying a brown cinema sofa from us are never-ending!

What do our customers love about our brown cinema sofas?

Some of our loyal customers keep in contact with us even after they’ve taken delivery. They give feedback on our sofas so that we know if we’re hitting the spot for what they want.

So far, they’ve told us many constructive things, and we’ve incorporated these comments into our design and manufacturing process. Every one of our brown cinema sofas comes with:

  • Handcrafting by masters of home furnishings
  • Everyone has a solid wood frame, and a reclining mechanism tested to last more than 25,000 operations
  • Big on quality and style but small on price.
  • Pick your payment method and payment plan, including Klarna, PayPal, 0% interest.
  • You get a 12-month warranty, free delivery, free assembly and free return.


What feedback do we get about our brown cinema sofas?

Always in demand, our brown cinema sofas are the talk of the town. Sophistication and glamour can be yours in brown faux leather or fabric. These sell out fast, so take your pick and enjoy free delivery and free assembly whilst you can.

Here’s what our customers have said about them:

  • “The comfort you get with these is no joke. I don’t even feel like going to work anymore! If only I could be a professional sitter. Lol!”
  • “Love the colour and the style. This is comfort!”
  • “Yes. We will be back for another soon – love this”

What else should you know about these brown cinema sofas?

Every sofa we make is with you in mind. We don’t mess about using cheaper materials so that we can make some fast money on you. Of course, you’ll find that going on elsewhere on the web – sometimes it can even be from those you respect for quality.

Our range of exclusive styles are made with care and take time to get right. We want you to benefit from the money you work hard for. With these, you’ll really enjoy watching television, time spent with friends and family watching your favourite movie picks.

Features of our brown cinema sofas

Just as with any cinema sofa, you can expect to be able to put your drink somewhere close to you. Most of these have a cupholder in the arm. You can also expect a very comfortable sofa that has pocket sprung seats and, in some cases, a footrest so you can completely relax.

Order your brown cinema sofa now

Whether you’re a movie buff or not, these cinema sofas are ideal for your living room, movie room or family room.

We’ve made it as easy and as convenient as we can for you. Our stock is enormous and you can typically find matching three-seaters, two-seaters and one-seater chairs.

With each one, you’ll get a 12-month warranty, free returns and the option to buy with a 0% payment plan over three months up to twelve months. Our professional team will assemble it for you for free on delivery.

Sit in comfort, knowing that you have a payment plan to suit your budget. Order now and take delivery within seven days. By the way, this is the most generous package you’ll find online for brown cinema sofas. If you see something better, let us know, and we will give you back £100.