Brown Recliner Chairs

Feel the difference. Every one of our brown recliner chairs has been designed and crafted by a master of the trade. Whether you opt for fabric or faux leather, you’ll love the glamour and comfort of these.

Here at the Recliner Sofa Shop, you can order now and take delivery in seven days. We have all our sofas and chairs in stock now and ready to send out to you.

What makes us different from other reclining sofa shops is that we design and make our own sofas and chairs. Regularly taking surveys about what you want means that our team can meet your wants and preferences to a tee.

You won’t find these sofas and chairs anywhere else. They are made exclusively for you by our team of furniture designers and craftsmen. We are specialists in reclining sofas and chairs and spend the day in and day out improving what we have for you.

If you’re not sure which one you want, then book a Video Call with us so you can see the chair in our showroom and discover the best one for you. Sometimes it’s the finer details that make all the difference. You’ll be able to see these for yourself.

But that’s not all. We offer free nationwide delivery, free assembly and free returns. You can also take your pick of payment plan with 0% interest for between three and twelve months!

What do our customers love about our brown recliner chairs?

There’s a lot to say about these brown recliner chairs, but we will get to the point. Every one of these will help your room in looking its best. Your visitors may get a little bit envious when they see one of these in your home.

 Each of our brown recliner chairs has a price ticket to suit your budget, combining our payment plans and free delivery. Here’s what you get with our brown recliner chairs:

  • Quality builds with a solid wood frame and durable upholstery.
  • Easy to care for and stain-resistant.
  • A reclining mechanism tested for over smooth 25k operations.
  • Big on looks and affordable. Choose your payment method and a payment plan to suit your budget.
  • A 12-month warranty, free delivery within 7 days and free assembly.
  • Free cancellation and free returns within 14 days


What feedback do we get on our brown recliner chairs?

Perfect for the customer who loves to really relax properly in the evenings, these brown recliner chairs have a lot to offer. Here’s what our customers have told us:

  • “Who would have thought that a recliner chair is the magic that gets me leaving the office on time every evening!”
  • “Since this came, I’ve taken to reading more of the newspaper than ever before. It’s the perfect spot to sit and really enjoy it. I love it!”
  • “Delightfully decadent is what I call it!”
  • “A timeless piece that gives that extra bit of sophistication to the room.”

What else should you know about our brown recliner chairs?

These are not only easy on the eye, but they’ve got that dash of panache that will elevate your home décor. These brown recliner chairs sell fast, so put in your order now whilst they’re still in stock.

As we said earlier, we deliver for free, and you have a choice of payment plans. You just choose the one you like, and we’ll send it out within seven days. You can even get it installed and assembled for free by our professional team.

In the meantime, our design and production team are busy making these to suit the preferences of our customers. You won’t find these anywhere else in the UK.

Features of our brown recliner chairs

For those who demand a bit of luxury, you can find it in our range of brown recliner chairs. You choose the one you want, and we’ll get it over to you. On some models, you can find a cupholder to hold your drink as you relax.

In all, you’ll get a manual reclining mechanism tested to operate at least 25,000 times without fault.

Order your brown recliner chairs now

Fabric and faux leather brown recliner chairs for your home. Comfort and sophistication, nobody can ask for more. Order now and take delivery within 7 days. Free nationwide delivery, free returns and a 12-month warranty.