Fabric Cinema Sofas

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Who doesn’t want at least one of these fabric cinema sofas? They’ll look fabulous in your home, whether it’s in your media room, cinema room or living room. Choose the best look for your home, and we’ll deliver it for free.

Here at the Recliner Sofa Shop, we are filled with passion for making the perfect sofas for our customers. This means we design our own, manufacture them and then bring them right to your door for free. We even help you install it and assemble it for free.

There’s no doubt that we’re proud of what we’ve achieved in designing a collection of fabric cinema sofas that are perfect for living rooms, cinema and media rooms.

Our ideas come from your feedback. We regularly survey our customers to discover what they’re looking for in the perfect sofa and incorporate these ideas into our designs. Our master sofa craftsmen then put all the pieces together for a marvellous outcome!

What do our customers love about our fabric cinema sofas?

Although leather cinema sofas align with the traditional and expected, the fabric cinema sofas bring cosiness and comfort. They aren’t going to be cool when you first sit down, and they are a matt colour rather than shiny.

With all our styles, you get a chicness that you may not find elsewhere. These sofas are not available anywhere else in the UK. They not only have that touch of sophistication that you’d expect from any cinema sofa, but they’re uber comfortable.

These are made with a reinforced wooden frame covered with padding and upholstery to the finish of your choice.

Our customers love them for their looks and the relaxation you get when watching your pick of the movies and shows on your big screen. Pull out the popcorn and settle down for a few hours of entertainment.

If you’re not sure which one you like best, book a video call and one of our sofa technicians will give you a look at it up close.

What feedback do we get about our fabric cinema sofas?

When it comes to giving us feedback, our customers don’t hold back. For that, we are thankful. We love hearing what you love and want more of and about anything you feel we can improve on. Here are some of the most recent comments we’ve received about our fabric cinema sofas:

  • “We love it, but since my sister arrived, we can barely get on it as she’s got all her family on it and won’t get off! Lol – so she’s going to order one for her house too!”
  • “So cosy, so comfy and gorgeous.”
  • “Our best buy of the year, no joke!”
  • “You should be hearing from my neighbour about his order! He loves it too!”
  • “Thanks so much. We love it.”

What else should you know about these fabric cinema sofas?

There are plenty of benefits that come with ordering your choice of fabric cinema sofas from us. For example, we give you free delivery, free cancellation and a 12-month warranty. You even get to choose a bespoke payment plan to suit your budget.

In addition, you get this:

  • A robust build made with quality materials.
  • Stain-resistant fabric and easy to care for
  • Pick the payment plan that suits you, and be sure to check out our 0% interest option.
  • You get a 12-month warranty
  • Free delivery
  • Free assembly

These are top quality, but you don’t get those inflated prices that you’ll find on other sofa websites. Get ready for plenty of fun with friends and family as you grab the popcorn and bring out the fizzy drinks. Now you’re going to experience home cinema at its best!

Features of our fabric cinema sofas

Our fabric cinema sofas are designed to last, and here’s what you can enjoy with each one:

  • High-quality fabric finish in your choice of colour
  • Pocket sprung seating
  • Reinforced wooden frame for robustness
  • Made by master sofa artisans
  • Designed by reclining sofa specialists

Order your fabric cinema sofa now

You can’t get much of a better deal than you do with our fabric cinema sofas. You can even set the payment plan to suit your budget. Choose the colour you want, the style you want and then enjoy free delivery. We also accept free returns if they are within 14 days.

Take your pick, browse the payment plans and tell us which one you want. Order now as these are going fast.

By the way, we offer the most comprehensive and generous package on the web in the UK. If you find something better, let us know and we’ll give you £100 back.