Grey Cinema Sofas

It’s up to you. Which one of these gorgeous grey cinema sofas is your style? Every one a slightly different shade of grey and offers a different look. It really is up to you – because you know whichever one you choose, you’ll have just as much fun.

Cinema sofas are all the rage and not just for those with a cinema or media room. You can put these into your living room, and you’ll enjoy it just as much.

Pull out the popcorn, pour yourself a drink and get deep into your pick of movies and television shows. Everybody loves an evening in front of the TV and this is the perfect sofa to enjoy it to the max.

Once you put your order in, you’ve got the next seven days to plan out what you’re going to be watching when it arrives. Will it be that latest movie, the new Netflix release you’ve been waiting for or that game with your favourite football team?

Things are about to get serious when it comes to the television watching in your home.

What do our customers love about our grey cinema sofas?

You have probably already heard of the Recliner Sofa Shop. We design and make our own products. You won’t find them elsewhere in the UK. Sofas for special people like you who have great taste but want something a little bit different from everybody else.

You don’t only get a great sofa, but you get a great package to go with it. In fact, our packages are the best in the UK. You don’t only get a grey cinema sofa of your choice of finish – either fabric or faux leather. But you get a payment plan to suit your budget, free delivery, free assembly, free cancellation and free returns within 14 days. What more could anybody hope for? If you find a better online package, let us know about it, and we’ll refund you £100.

What feedback do we get about our grey cinema sofas?

Everyone loves a good sofa, and that’s no different with our customers. We get some very positive and flattering feedback, to be honest.

Here are some of the comments that we’ve received in the last few weeks:

  • “I feel like my life has changed for the better with this. I feel so much better for getting an evening of proper rest. Thank you, Recliner Sofa Shop.”
  • “Wow. I didn’t realise that you get free delivery, free assembly etc. I would have ordered one before if I’d known about the interest-free payment plans. I love this sofa!”
  • “This is a knockout sofa in more ways than one!”
  • “This looks so good in my room. Seriously! I’m getting plenty of compliments on my good taste and sophistication.”

What else should you know about these grey cinema sofas?

Enjoy the comfort of any one of these grey cinema sofas. Some come with drink holders, whereas others get extra cushions. They are durable, resilient, and can take the knocks of family living.

These are some of the most popular reclining sofas that we sell, and we think you’re going to love having one of these too. The good thing is, is that you get free delivery, free assembly and free cancellation. If it’s not for you, then return it within 14 days for free. Seriously, this is the best package out there right now.

Features of our grey cinema sofas

These provide the ultimate comfort at a great price and are constructed of quality materials. Believe us when we say you can’t go wrong!  You get:

  • A well-made sofa that masters of the trade have built.
  • Each sofa is built around a solid wooden frame, padded and upholstered with quality stain-resistant fabric.
  • Choose from easy to care for faux leather or fabric.
  • We tested the reclining mechanism so it will operate more than 25,000 times.
  • You choose the payment plan that suits you, and you can even opt for our 0% interest option.
  • Free delivery, free assembly and a 12-month warranty.


Order your grey cinema sofas now

Choose whichever one of our grey cinema sofas will suit your home the most. Then select your payment choice, and we will deliver it for free within the next 7 days.

We urge you to buy now as these won’t last.

By the way, if you see any reclining sofa package better than the one we offer, get in touch and tell us about it. We will give you a £100 refund for having such eagle eyes!