Leather Recliner Cinema Sofas

Replicate the cinema feeling in your home with any of these leather recliner cinema sofas—your choice of style and colour at a great price. Grab the popcorn and the fizzy drinks and sit back to watch your favourite movies together.

The Recliner Sofa Shop is known all over the UK for being the reclining sofa specialist who designs their own and makes their own. We don’t just sell what other people make, which is what you’ll find most of the other sofa suppliers doing. We get down in the details and make sofas that you’re going to love and really enjoy using.

There’s something else you should know about too. We recommend that you get to know and consider that we offer a very generous but unique package when you buy from us. The Recliner Sofa Shop offers:

  • Free delivery across the UK within 7 days
  • 12-month warranty
  • Free cancellation and free return within 14 days
  • We will remove your packaging for free
  • We offer a 0% interest-free payment plan spread over 3 to 12 months

If you can find a package that beats that, then get in touch with us. We will give you a £100 refund to reward you for being so on the ball. However, please don’t hold your breath as we don’t think you’ll come close to finding anything better.

The Recliner Sofa Shop is all about happy customers. We go all out to give our customers what they want when they want it.

What do our customers love about our leather recliner cinema sofas?

Many of our buyers aren’t too sure about which model to pick. Despite all our leather recliner cinema sofas looking appealing, there are differences in design and other details that can make all the difference.

Now you can request a video call with one of our sofa technicians so that you can see your chosen sofa(s) up close and personal. Just tell our technicians which ones you want to look at, and they will set up a virtual meeting time with you to show it/them to you.

What feedback do we get about our leather recliner cinema sofas?

Our buyers are very loud when it comes to giving us feedback about our leather recliner cinema sofas. The thing is, we positively encourage this behaviour. We must know what you love and don’t love about every one of our sofas and chairs. Without this information, we’ll never improve our offerings.

Here’s what our buyers have said to use about these cinema sofas:

  • “I had no idea this would be so comfortable, or I would have bought one ages ago. We’ve got it in our living room now and couldn’t be happier.”
  • “The media room looks seriously professional and stylish. I feel overwhelmed by it actually as I’ve worked hard all my life and didn’t think I’d ever get to this point.”
  • “The reclining on our one is amazing!”
  • “There’s nothing better than an evening watching television on this!”

What else should you know about these leather recliner cinema sofas?

There’s no doubt you’re going to make some great memories with one of these. Made by masters of the craft, each one of these is made of quality materials and built to last.

Here’s what you get with one of our leather recliner cinema sofas:

  • A resilient and easy to care for leather recliner cinema sofa made of quality materials.
  • The reclining mechanisms we use are tested to operate more than 25,000 times.
  • Please make your choice from our wide range of payment methods, including a 0% interest plan.
  • We deliver for free, assemble for free and give a 12-month warranty.

Features of our leather recliner cinema sofas

So many features to love about our leather recliner cinema sofas. you can look forward to this:

  • A faux leather finish that is soft but durable
  • A manual reclining mechanism that will work more than 25,000 times
  • Lean back and recline as you catch up with your favourite soaps. You can put your drink in the cupholder on the arm (many models).
  • Easy to care for and wipeable

Order your leather recliner cinema sofa now

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