Light Grey Recliner Chairs

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Pick the style and size that suits your home from our gorgeous range of light grey recliner chairs. Made to last, these bring style and sophistication to your home whilst providing a seriously comfortable place to sit.

Welcome to the Recliner Sofa Shop website. You’ve probably already heard of us as one of the leading sellers of online recliner sofas and chairs.

However, we’re not the same as the other sellers in that we do things very differently. For example, you won’t find any of our sofas for sale on the other sites in the UK. You also need to know that we design and make these ourselves.

In addition to offering these unique but beautiful recliner chairs and sofas, we have put together a package for you to make it easy and convenient for you to buy from us.

‘Happy Customers’ is our middle name, as you’ll see for yourself when you find out what we offer.

You can get the following when you buy any recliner sofa or chair from us:

  • Free delivery with a guarantee of delivery within just 7 days
  • Free assembly and packaging removal by our professional two-person team
  • 12-month warranty
  • And if you change your mind, we give you free cancellation and a free return within 14 days.

We’re not kidding you along when we say that you’re getting the ultimate in value with any one of these light grey recliner chairs. Your budget can stay in the same shape, and you get a high-quality designer chair at a great price.

If you find a sofa purchasing package better than ours online in the UK, let us know. We’ll reward you with a £100 refund for being so eagle-eyed and on the ball with your research skills. Our team cannot find anything better!

But for now, read on and discover more about our gorgeous light grey recliner chairs.

What do our customers love about our light grey recliner chairs?

Our customers tell us a lot about what they love and don’t love. It’s part of our company culture to continue asking them what they think about all our recliner chairs and sofas.

That’s why our products are so successful. We keep your ideas and thoughts in mind as we design the next generation of sofas and chairs. From the reclining mechanism to the quality of the finish – you’re making all the decisions. We’re just applying what you tell us but in the best way that we know.

What feedback do we get about our light grey recliner chairs?

Most recently our customers have told us the following about our light grey recliner chairs:

  • “The colour is so trendy and matches the wall colour just right.”
  • “My work colleagues always ask me what I’m sitting on when they see me on Zoom. I can’t help but show off my gorgeous recliner!”
  • “Nobody goes so far as The Recliner Sofa Shop does when it comes to customer service.”

What else should you know about these light grey recliner chairs?

Whether you want to take the weight off your feet with a recliner, you love your gaming, or this is the chair that will finish your interior, these are all at a great price — faux leather or fabric – each one easy to care for and with stain resistance.

In addition to all the relaxation you’ll get, here’s what else our light grey recliner chairs offer: 

  • Made by master sofa artisans with quality materials, including a solid wood reinforced frame
  • Our reclining mechanisms are tested to operate more than 25,000 times
  • You make your choice of our payment plans, including a 0% interest option.
  • Enjoy free delivery and free assembly.
  • A 12-month guarantee.


Features of our light grey recliner chairs

You get it all with the Recliner Sofa Shop. Take our light grey recliner chairs, for example. Not only do you get a stylish, professionally designed comfortable chair, but you get:

  • Pocket sprung seats and back
  • A manual reclining mechanism that operates more than 25k times without issue
  • An easy to care for finish in either cosy fabric or chic faux leather
  • A solid reinforced wooden frame covered in quality upholstery

Order your light grey recliner chairs now

Now it’s your turn. We’ve told you all about how unique these are. We’ve also explained the package you get and how you can choose your pick of payment plan and length of payment.

Now you get to choose again as you browse through the grey recliner chairs collection to pick the best one for you.

Remember, we’ll deliver it within 7 days – guaranteed!

Get set, ready, go!

Order from our range of light grey recliner chairs now.