Recliner Sofas - Lazy Boy Style Recliner Sofas

A little bit of comfort goes a long way. Imagine coming home in the evenings to sit in this. Wouldn’t you be just so comfortable with your feet up to watch the latest show? Grab a drink and a snack, and you can’t beat it.

Somebody in your family will almost burst with delight when they see that you’ve now got this at home. Our recliner sofas are made by hand to our exacting standards by craftsmen using quality materials. Built to last, you’ll get plenty of years of pleasure from these.

We do things differently here at the Recliner Sofa Shop because all our designs come from asking our customers what they want. We take feedback after-sales, and we also send out regular surveys.

Our designers and sofa artisans use that data to create the most beautiful and sumptuous sofas that you can imagine, including all the couches in our recliner sofas collection.

That same feedback process has led us to develop the most generous sofa package that you can find anywhere on the web in the UK. We dare you to try to find another one that’s better than what the Recliner Sofa Shop offers, and if you do, we’ll give you a £100 refund.

Here’s what our package contains:

  • Free delivery of your sofa within 7 working days
  • Assembly by a dedicated two-person sofa technician team including packaging removal for only £69
  • A 12-month warranty
  • Free cancellation and free returns within 14 days – just in case it’s just not for you (which we doubt very much)
  • A payment plan with the option for 0% interest-free over 3 to 12 months

See what we mean! Generosity is our middle word – even if we say so ourselves!

You should also know that our sofa technicians are happy to give you a video call tour of any sofa or chair so that you can see it ‘in person’ virtually. We know sometimes it’s better to see it that way and are happy to support you in being able to do so.

What do our customers love about our recliner sofas?

There’s plenty to love about our recliner sofas, and that’s why our customers come back to use time and again to buy more for themselves. In addition to a lot of repeat business, we get a lot of referrals.

The recliner sofas we make and sell are top quality, but at the same time, they have an affordable price ticket that won’t break the bank.

What feedback do we get about our recliner sofas?

Our customers don’t hold back when they tell us what they love. We wouldn’t want them to either. They help us to develop new styles and ideas so that they get just what they want.

Here’s what they’ve told us recently:

  • “You’ve really done well with this recliner sofa. Seriously comfortable and well made.”
  • “Never have we had such a lovely sofa. Please continue to make this one forever so that we can always have this – even if this one wears out.”
  • “Everybody loves this, and we enjoy every evening watching television together.”

What else should you know about these recliner sofas?

Having had many years in the furnishing business, we know a lot about recliner sofas. Our specialist team understands how to put together something that delights and gives years of service.

Your satisfaction is our business. With these recliner sofas, you get:

  • First-class hand-built furniture at no-frills prices.
  • Say good riddance to sore feet and hello to resting your legs every day – it’s good for your circulation.
  • An investment in your comfort and good health.
  • Your choice of affordable payment plans, including a 0% interest option.
  • We deliver for free.

Features of our recliner sofas

Our sofas have all the features that are worth having. Take a look for yourself:

  • A reclining mechanism tested to operate without fault for at least 25,000 times
  • A solid and reinforced frame made of wood
  • Quality upholstery including either cosy fabric or soft and comfortable faux leather

Order your recliner sofa now

Now it’s your turn. All you have to do is pick the one you love the best. Then choose how you want to pay and whether you want a payment plan. Now we will organise everything else.

You owe yourself some gorgeous furniture, and this is high quality at an affordable price. You can’t beat this. Choose your style, finish and colour, and we’ll bring it around to you before you can say ‘recliner sofas’. LOL.