Return Policy

We have a 14-day return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return.

We will consider each request for returns carefully. To be eligible for a return, your item must:

  • Not have been opened or unsealed, other than for inspection
  • Not have been exposed to odours and smells
  • Not have been tampered with
  • Not have been assembled
  • Be unused
  • Not be damaged
  • Be with the original packaging and labels
  • Be ready for collection

You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase.

If your goods have absorbed smells from your home or there are any signs of tampering, we will regrettably be unable to authorise the return.

If you selected our assembly service and we have removed your packaging to be destroyed, you will not be able to benefit from our returns policy, unless you specifically asked us to retain the packaging for 14 days.

You would have been given a chance to inspect the products after assembly and before our team left your premises and you would have signed a waiver, accepting the item and waiving your right to return the items.

If you purchased your goods in a sale, as ex-display products or as clearance sale goods; regrettably, our returns and refunds policy does not apply to these products. A ‘sale’ item is any item which has been reduced from its original full price.

If you comply with the criteria above; to start a return, you can contact us at and we will arrange to inspect the goods and schedule a collection date.

Depending on the circumstances of your request and the conclusion of our inspection of the item, at our discretion, we may offer you to:

  • Exchange the item with the same model and price
  • Exchange the item with a different model and price, and pay or receive a refund on the difference
  • Return the item to receive vouchers to use in the future
  • Return the item to receive a refund

All returns shall be free of charges whether you placed one order or more.

If you miss the scheduled collection date / time for any reason, such as for example: your phone being switched off, you provide the incorrect contact details, you not answering the door or access to your property not being available, your rescheduled collection will be charged. Please ensure you are available and reachable for the date and time your collection is scheduled.

If you decide to return the item and exchange it with another item, please note that you will be required to pay the delivery fee for the new item to be delivered (£50).

This is because of the picking, packing and loading process. Each order has to be picked from the warehouse, packed, checked and loaded according to the delivery schedule and this delivery fee of £50 covers the process.

In addition, if you originally had your item assembled, and now wish for your replacement to be assembled, we will do it for free.