Terms of Sale


Upon placing your order, a link to this document - noting our Terms of Sale - will be emailed to you with a copy of your Order Invoice.


Please download and keep this document in a safe place, as it contains the Terms of Sale applicable to your purchase, at the time of purchase.

These terms and conditions apply to all purchases made on our website, by telephone, by messaging or social media platforms or in our showroom. In addition, these terms and conditions apply to all purchases made on our affiliate websites, telephone numbers, social media channels and showrooms; which operate under a trading name for us, as listed on the footer of our websites.

By placing an order with us, you accept and agree to these terms & conditions. 

We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time. This does not affect your statutory rights.



Any products we advertise and mark as ‘clearance goods’ or ‘ex-display goods’ are ‘sold as seen’ and do not come with the usual benefits we offer. These goods are sold with:

  • No guarantees
  • No returns
  • No cancellations
  • No exchanges
  • No refunds

Please be mindful of the fact that we will have reduced the price of the goods by hundreds of pounds, to reflect any problems which may arise, in the unlikely event that they do.

This does not affect your statutory rights if the goods are not fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality.



Any order made for bespoke, custom, made to measure or made to order products cannot be cancelled, returned, exchanged or refunded.

Please be sure to double-check all the specifications you require and always be aware that fabric and leather colours will vary from batch to batch and we cannot control this or take responsibility for this.

Once you place an order for a bespoke product, you will be required to make payment in full before we will commission the manufacturing of it. The sooner you pay, the sooner we will order the goods to be manufactured for you, the sooner you will receive delivery of your goods.



Chargeback fraud, also known as friendly fraud, occurs when a consumer makes an online shopping purchase with their own credit card, and then requests a chargeback from the issuing bank after receiving the purchased goods.

Once approved, the chargeback cancels the financial transaction, and the consumer receives a refund of the money they spent. Dependent on the payment method used, we are usually accountable when a chargeback occurs.

Regrettably, in the past year alone 2021-2022, we have been the victims of Chargeback Fraud on more than 10 occasions and suffered losses of more than £20,000.

To prevent Chargeback Fraud and criminal activity in general, we ask our customers to be understanding and co-operative with a few measures we are forced to adopt:

  • We will not deliver the goods to any address, other than the address supplied to us when the order is placed; or the address displayed on your driver’s licence or similar form of government ID document. If the delivery of goods is not completed for these reasons, you will be liable to pay re-delivery charges when the delivery is re-scheduled;
  • We will not bring the goods inside your address, until the full monies owed to us is paid;
  • On occasions, where our security software shows a greater level of risk, we may refund you the money you paid using a credit or debit card and ask you to make the purchase using a pre-paid card or in Cash when the delivery is made;
  • We will ask you to sign the ‘Receipt of Goods’, which confirms that you have received the goods; or, if you have selected the ‘assembly’ service, that you have received the goods, inspected them and are satisfied with the goods;
  • We will ask you to allow us to take a picture of your external entry door, whilst it is open;
  • We will ask you to allow us to take a picture of the sofa installed in your room and if you don’t mind;
  • We may ask you to show us a form of ID and make a note of your ID number on our ‘Receipt of Goods’;
  • If you refuse our requests to sign the ‘Receipt of Goods’, to allow us to take the necessary evidence to prove the delivery has been made or to show us your ID to prove the delivery is made to the correct person; this will be deemed as refusal to accept delivery and the product shall be returned to us. We will issue you with a full refund, less the delivery fee.



All orders placed are subject to acceptance by us. Acceptance can be assumed only after you have received delivery of the goods and not at any stage before.

At times, we may be unable to accept your order due to stock issues, supplier issues or delivery issues for example. We will notify you if the order is not accepted and we will refund any monies you may have paid.

We may also refuse to make a sale to you and that maybe for personal reasons or in the event of abusive or inappropriate behaviour / words / actions from your or anyone else concerned or affiliated with you.

In this case, we are not liable to you or any third party for any direct or indirect losses or consequences which may arise.

Please understand that we reserve the right to refuse any transaction for any reason, or refuse service to anyone, at any time, at our sole discretion.



Whilst every effort is made to provide you with all of the exact measurements of every sofa, please note that variations in the manufacturing process can lead to differences of up plus/minus 10cm, Before purchasing our products we ask that you take care and ensure that your available space is allowed to this tolerance.



Whilst we make absolute efforts to ensure the accuracy of descriptions, measurements and pictures on our website, please note the possibility of some variations and approximations.

Our pictures and videos may be graphically edited and the screen / device you are viewing the products on will also have a huge impact on how the product looks to you and what the product actually looks like in real life.

The shade of leather and fabric products may also vary slightly between the different variations of products you order, as the exact shade is determined on the batch from which the material is manufactured.

If you request a swatch, and the final product delivered is a slightly different shade to the swatch, we will not accept liability for this variation.



If you are using DivideBuy, PayPal, KLARNA or SNAP Finance to fund the purchase of your sofa, you are bound by their Terms and Conditions of service.

Once your funding is approved, we will receive confirmation of this from the finance company. You can then choose your sofa and confirm the order.

If you are required to pay a deposit, we will collect this from you and then schedule your delivery.

Please note that we cannot allow for goods to be taken from our warehouse or deliver goods until we have received confirmation of the sale and agreement of finance from the finance company.                                                                 

Similarly, if you wish to cancel, return or exchange your product, we will need confirmation from the finance company before this can be arranged and any deposits you paid, are paid to the finance company and must also be returned by the finance company.