Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Chair
Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Chair
Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Chair
Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Chair
Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Chair
Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Chair
Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Chair
Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Chair
Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Chair

Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Chair

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Reading Lamps : No
Tray Tables : 0
Massaging Seats : No
LED Lights : No
Cup Holders : 0
Electric Recliner : No
Storage Boxes : No
USB Ports : No
Cup Holders : 0
Electric Recliner : No
Storage Boxes : No
USB Ports : No

Sit back and enjoy the moment in this gorgeous tweed grey fabric chair finished in grey tweed fabric. It's the ideal place to enjoy television sports or scroll through your social media feed. But that's certainly not all it offers – you get comfort and sophistication brought into your home.

Typically, most reclining chairs and sofas are in stock or arriving in a few days. Order now, and you'll take delivery within 7 to 14 days.

Key features of the Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Chair

  • Finished in a supple but durable fabric
  • A manual recliner mechanism to give you the ultimate comfort
  • Chic, stylish and functional
  • Medium to firm padding
  • Solid and reinforced wooden frame
  • Delivered in a protective packaging

Watch the Sorrento manual recliner chair on video

Choosing the best seating for you is a serious matter, and we know that. We make it possible for you to see the Sorrento recliner chair on video. Our sofa technicians are on standby, ready to show you this cheap recliner chair up close to see the stitching, the manual reclining system and the fabric up close.

This Sorrento recliner chair is available as a leather armchair

The Sorrento is a popular model, and that's why it's offered in different fabric and colour choices. This is a sophisticated chair that is chic, and now it's available in a wide range of options that will suit your home décor.

See the fabric recliner chair in our showroom

Pop along to our showroom if you want to see the manual recliner chair in person. We can also show you a few other settees for sale solutions if you're not sure if this is the right one for you.

Can I add a reclining sofa of this style and material in the future?

We stock many different Sorrento style models, if you have the space at home, you're bound to find something to accompany it, and we can see this will be the case for many years to come.

Does the fabric recliner chair come in pieces for delivery?

Our two-person team will handle delivery for you. This recliner chair will likely be delivered in two pieces, and if you have a standard-sized front door, it will fit through without too much of a problem. Just leave it to the team to handle it for you.

How to clean the material of the grey fabric recliner chair?

The Sorrento recliner chair is finished in a supply but durable fabric. This fabric is easy to keep clean. You dip a soft cloth into the warm soapy water and wipe the spillage. There's no need to scrub it – in fact, we don't recommend that you do any scrubbing as it may spoil the finish.

How long will this Sorrento chair last?

You can expect years of usage from the manual recliner chair. It's handmade and goes through various tests that ensure it's resilient and will give you the service you should get.

What are other recliner sofa combinations available?

Take a browse through our shop, and you'll see there are many different Sorrento sofa on sale options available. Many of them work well with this finish and colour.

Which kind of room is this grey tweed fabric recliner chair best suited to?

Our buyers place chairs like this all over the home. From the living room to the bedroom, the conservatory, the kitchen and the office. However, the most popular places are the lounge and the kitchen. It's a beautiful recliner chair to relax as you spend time alone or with family and friends.

How is it best to dress a tweed grey fabric recliner chair?

Spice up your chair with a cosy soft throw and a throw cushion. Your evenings will be transformed, and you'll enjoy your downtime on this one.

Is this Sorrento recliner chair available in a two-seater version?

You'll find a wide range of seating solutions similar to this on our site. Whether you're looking for a 2 seater sofa, a 3 seater sofa or a corner sofa with the same finish – you can find it in our recliner sofa shop.

Is this available in a 3 and 2 seater sofa packages?

Take a look through our sofa sale collection, and you're bound to find something suitable in a two-seater or a three-seater package.

Can I buy a matching recliner sofa for this recliner chair?

Again, take a look through our stock, and you're bound to find a matching recliner sofa.

Can I order a swatch of the material for this reclining sofa?

Get in touch with our team, and we will send you a swatch of the material used for this recliner sofa for sale. You can then compare it to your home décor and decide whether it's the right choice for your home.

Can we view this recliner chair before we buy it?

There are a couple of different options. You can either pop into to see us in our showroom in Yorkshire or ask to view this on video. Our sofa technicians are waiting and ready to hope you with your video and answer any questions you may have.

Does this grey chair need space behind it to recline fully?

Although you may have seen many reclining sofas and chairs that require extra space behind them, this one doesn't. When you position this, you can place it along the wall, and it won't need any more space when reclining.

What if I receive the recliner chair and the components are missing?

Ensuring our customers get what they want is one of our philosophies. You're not likely to receive a chair that doesn't have all the components you require to operate your chair. If something very unusual happens and you don't get what you are expecting, then not to worry, our delivery team will sort it out for you.

How quickly can you replace the missing components of the recliner chair?

If there is any damage or missing parts, we will get a new one over to you within 7 days. However, please note that this would be an unusual situation.

Can you collect my old chair?

The two-person delivery team will happily remove your old chair for you. Ideally, you will have booked this in advance, and the service costs £100.

Is this Sorrento recliner chair fire retardant?

Every furnishing we sell meets the British Fire Standards for safety.

Will these manual reclining chairs scratch with buttons?

The finish of this manual recliner chair is in soft fabric. This is a very supple material that is durable. It's not typical of it to scratch if you have buttons on your clothing when you sit down.

Will this chair for sale fade?

We never recommend that you place any home furnishings in direct sunlight as they are likely to fade colour.

Is this tweed grey recliner chair available cheaper anywhere else?

The home furnishings that we sell, including all our sofas and chairs for sale are not available to buy elsewhere in the UK. It's our philosophy that we offer unique seating at great prices. You can view our financial options as you pass through the cart process.

Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Armchair

We each have our favourite ways to relax daily. Whether it's sipping on our favourite beverage as we page through magazines or watching our beloved soap operas. The Sorrento grey recliner chair provides the perfect base to do any of these. You can get your puzzle book out, do some therapeutic adult colouring, sit with your grandchild on your lap or even have a bit of a cuddle with your favourite furry friend.

But the fun doesn't stop there. When you invite friends and family around to watch a new movie release, you'll have your very own affordable sofa to enjoy it from. You're not going to get squashed up with the others or have to sit on the floor. Claim this as your own, and you're sitting pretty.

Our sofa sale designers and artisans handcraft every recliner sofa sale we sell. You get manual recliner chair, and this model has seven different choices for fabrics and colours.

Outstanding Sorrento recliner chair for the ultimate comfort

This grey tweed fabric recliner chair is one of the favourites of our buyers. But don't think you'll find this in every house on your road in your town. Of course, not, it's popular as it's seriously comfortable and looks good. It is also put under significant test sessions so that we know you can confidently buy it knowing it's going to last for years.

With this one, you get a grey tweed fabric recliner chair that is covered in soft fabric. It's easy to wipe it clean, but it's also very comfortable and cosy. Add a throw for winter evenings, and you won't know if you're coming or going – it's just that cosy and comfortable.

More about the Sorrento Grey Tweed Fabric Recliner Chair for sale

Although the Sorrento Chair may be quite a new design, it's very popular with our buyers, and we've received some rave reviews on it. It's got that firmness that is soft enough to be cosy but gives you the support you need to be able to sit in it for hours.

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